child playing with bubbles

Disco Friday

Child dancingThank you for expressing an interest in participating in the 'Disco Friday’ project launch.


The 'Disco Friday' project will encourage families from across the globe to join in a 20 mins fun-filled dance session every Friday for 8 weeks.


We really hope that everyone will continue to enjoy dancing together long after the project is completed.


Your active dance time should include some of the following ideas :

  • Great music! Anything that makes you move - just be careful that the lyrics are suitable - get everyone to sing along to the chorus
  • Some structured moves that are easy to follow and perform - eg. clapping/stamping/kneebends/stretching/jumping/twirlin

    Maybe focus on just one body part - eg wiggling hips/shaking hands/different jumps

  • Don’t forget you can use the floor to spin on/roll about
  • Free movement is great for everyone - do whatever you like - just enjoy!
  • Let infants who aren’t walking yet do their own thing - you can carry them - or they can sit on your knee to join in - be as active as possible with them
  • Think about including some sort of apparatus - maybe a colourful ribbon - some pom-poms - bubbles or balloons
  • Always make sure the space you are moving in is safe - check for any sharp corners - obstacles - anything that may be tripped over
  • Make sure the children are dressed appropriately - that they can move freely - and that their footwear is suitable
dancing baby with disco ball girl dancing

Terms of Engagement

Families must have children within the age ranges of 1-5 years.

Families must complete the preliminary case study report prior to commencing the project.

Parents/carers should participate and/or engage with the child/children for the duration of the activity.

Brief questionnaires will be sent via email to the families for completion and submission throughout the project.

Families should commit to the Disco Friday project each week for a period of 8 consecutive weeks regardless of location.

If you meet the criteria and would like to participate in the project, please complete our form.

If you have any questions please email


To assess and quantify the impact of collective family engagement in physical activity, dance and movement. To monitor the level of family interaction and confidence levels within young children.