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Early Years Dance and Movement CourseHelen is an internationally renowned consultant, trainer and speaker in Physical Development/movement in Early Education. Her training style is energetic, passionate and highly motivational. She has been working as a dance and movement specialist for over 19 years and continues to work directly with children. Helen was fundamental in the creation and release of Change4life’s ’10 Min Shake up cards’.


Children have an innate desire to move, respond to music and role-play. Our ethos focuses on a child centred approach to learning. The courses are practical and are a unique mix of both movement play and theory. Our training focuses on building confidence, self-belief and competence of all practitioners. Our aim is that staff feel good about themselves, consulted and confident. We encourage their eagerness to learn about the children and their play, and become enthusiastic co-learners with the children. Equipping practitioners with ideas, resources and the confidence to incorporate dance/movement effectively within their setting and planning.




EYFS Dance and Movement CourseEYFS Inspirational Dance and Movement – Levels 1-3

This course is very practical and focuses on equipping delegates with the skills required to produce their own movement activities for children age 2-5years. Delegates will understand the impact movement has on learning and learners.


Baby Music and Sensory Play

This course looks at providing delegates with the knowledge and skills to implement movement based activities with babies. Principles of baby development, reflexes, neural activity and movement play will be covered during this course.

EYFS Dance and Movement Course

Primary - Let's Get Moving

This course is aimed at Primary staff and will focus on the PE/Dance curriculum, choreography to impact learning, skills and ideas to encourage performance.




Engaging parents in movement, interaction and intervention
Understanding the importance and impact movement has on Early Education
Boosting Communication, Language and Literacy through movement-EYFS
Combating Obesity Levels


Instant Impacting Movement Ideas
Boosting Communication Language and Literacy
Let’s get Moving - Primary dance based ideas
EYFS Movement Skills to inspire learning
Storytelling through movement


Are you looking to have a specialist ‘inset’ day on movement skills? Our training provides staff with the skills to create a movement based methodology. Staff are often found to increase their personal physical development needs following the training.



Would your school be interested in becoming a ‘host school’? Host schools receive up to 5 free places on the training course. The host school must fill a further 5 places through contacting cluster schools, feeder settings etc at a cost of £100 per delegate. If this is something which interests you please contact me on helen@musicandmovement.org.uk



Parenting courses are offered throughout the year on assisting parents with an awareness of the importance and impact movement has on all areas of a child’s development.

In today’s society, as parents and educators, we have a battle on our hands against technology and sedentary behaviour. Research demonstrates how this ‘change’ in society has impacted on our child’s physical, emotional and psychological behaviour. Following the release of the governments Social Mobility Commission Report ‘Helping Parents to parent’, we will be focusing on strategies and skills we can have in place to create a secure, nurturing, playful environment where our children can explore and grow to become creative thinkers.

 EYFS Dance and Movement Course


"Super hands-on course. Great fun and I can't wait to try out the ideas in school!"
"Amazing Course, can't wait to put the ideas into practice. So much content!"
"I got so much more from the course than I had expected"
"Invaluable, great value for money"
"Outstanding course, ALL EYFS staff should attend this course!"
"Fantastic, engaging, inspiring, enjoyable course, thank you."

Testimonial of Course Implementation:

"Just to let you know we did Rainbow Fish at preschool today. I made a cardboard tabard with scales on for Rainbow and we had coloured silk scarves to ‘give away’. We sat in the hall and read the story to the children first, then discussed feelings when the fish wasn’t included – it was very interesting how some children could empathise and some could not. I also took in a bubble gun, which I only used when rainbow fish shared with the other fishes. They absolutely loved it and we also had the children playing the part of the rainbow fish and, as you said, they were lining up to do it. After the session they had snack time and then before our session ended, we asked the children about what they had done in the hall - the majority of them remembered it very well. I have been at the preschool 20 years and it is the first time I have ever ‘lead’ the activity session. The other staff thought it was very good on several levels."
Feedback from Course Attendee

Important Information: All content during the training days, can only be used for reference and delivery not for personal or professional gain.